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After obtaining Msc degrees in Biology at the KU Leuven and Statistics (specialisation Bioinformatics) at the University of Hasselt, Pieter Moris pursued a PhD in Bioinformatics at the University of Antwerp in the Adrem Data Lab and the Biomina Research Network under supervision of Prof. Kris Laukens and Dr. Pieter Meysman. There, he leveraged machine learning and data mining methods to study molecular host-pathogen interactions and T-cell mediated immunity.

Afterwards, he worked as a Data Scientist in the Bioinformatics Unit at Galapagos, with a focus on scientific reproducibility, pipelines, cloud computing and RNA-seq analyses in the context of drug target discovery.

Currently, he is a Research Fellow Bioinformatics in the Unit of Malariology led by Prof. Anna Rosanas-Urgell at the Institute of Tropical Medicine,where he is working on the molecular surveillance of malaria in travelers using whole-genome sequencing methods and machine learning approaches for predicting parasite origin.

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  • B110-bioinformatics
  • B240-parasitology-(human-and-animal)