Adapting Tools to Assess the Influence of Social Networks on Chronic Illness Management (CIM) among non-EU Migrants in Belgium: A Pre-test Study in Antwerp

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Chronic illnesses (CI) encompass a broad range of long-lasting conditions with uncertain trajectories and often with complicated treatment. Chronic illness management (CIM) requires mobilization of a patient’s social network. Social network-based interventions have been shown to improve health outcomes for people with CI, however, most research has focused on native populations in highincome countries. The use of such interventions in the promotion of CI self-management among migrants is more complex. In this jPPP, we will adapt, pre-test, and assess the relevance and feasibility of using 2 methods (ClickDiaries and the Social Connections Mapping Tool) to collect data on social networks and their relevance in CIM among non-EU migrants in Antwerp, by means of a
rapid literature review, focus group discussions, stakeholder consultations and tool administration.
The output will be an adapted tool that can capture the scope, functions, and strength of local but also transnational networks relevant to CIM of migrants; information about why, when, and to what purpose networks are mobilized; and longitudinal insights on how networks can change over the course of a CI. This tool will serve to address research gaps in this area but also can contribute
towards design of CIM programs and clinical consultation aids for professionals supporting migrants with CI. The adapted tool will also be used in forthcoming large EU research proposals.
Short titleMigMeTraNet
AcronymjPPP 2023
Effective start/end date1/01/2331/10/23


  • Flemish Government - Department of Economy, Science & Innovation: €25,000.00


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