Advanced vaccines and pharmaceuticals targeted to macrophages via sialoadhesin

  • Rigouts, Leen (Researcher)
  • Elewaut, Dirk (Partner)
  • Nauwynck, Hans (Partner)
  • Stinissen, Piet (Partner)
  • de Jong, Bouke (Promotor)
  • Eddyani, Miriam (Researcher)
  • Van Peer, Nadine (Administrator)

Project Details


Generation of recombinant sialoadhesin-specific antibodies and antibody derivatives.Development of commercial SialoTarg vaccines for veterinary use to the level at which they can be outlicensed to other companies for clinical trials and further commercialization.Deliver the proof of concept for SialoTarg-based immunotoxins for treatment of the inflammatory auto-immune diseases rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and multiple sclerosis (MS) using current mouse (RA) and rat (MS) models.Analysis of the potential of SialoTarg-based immunotoxin treatment for M. tuberculosis bacilli that hide in macrophages.Analysis of the safety of vaccines and pharmaceuticals based on sialoadhesis targeting.Acquiring broadly enabling IPR and a patent portfolio for SialoTarg technologies and applications, and getting everything set for a spin-off that will foster development and commercialization of SialoTarg vaccines and pharmaceuticals.
Effective start/end date1/03/0928/02/13


  • Agency for Innovation by Science & Technology: €285,544.00


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