Advocacy for the fight against neglected zoonotic

  • Saarnak, Christopher (Coordinator)
  • Dorny, Pierre (Promotor)
  • Hendrickx, Guy (Partner)
  • Mukaratirwa, Samson (Partner)
  • Welburn, Sue (Partner)
  • Schelling, Esther (Promotor)
  • Dorny, Pierre (Promotor)
  • Debois, Danielle (Administrator)
  • Sy, Houssynatou (Administrator)

Project Details


Objectives and Expected results The main objective is to promote and advocate for improving the surveillance and control of neglected zoonotic diseases (NZD) in low-resource societies, first and foremost in Africa, using a One Health approach. Information will be synthesised and information materials generated for use by decision makers and the local media. A step-by-step model will be created, which can be implemented in different cultural and administrational settings, allowing ADVANZ to be applied in other NZD affectedregions of the World. The Specific objectives are: 1. Compile and synthesise evidence-based models from communities and central stakeholders for the added value of using the One Health approach for prevention and control of NZD2. Generate information material at three levels: (1) for stakeholders at decision level (ministries),(2) district health and veterinary extension officers and(3) domestic animal keepers and local communities3. Establish an overarching Pan African NZD ‘network of networks’ for advocacy joining up single string NZD networks into an overarching One Health NZD network to advocate NZD prevention and control in a more holistic and culturally and environmentally acceptable way4. Generate advocacy for NZD at the highest international level by organizing a global conference with the aim to provide international stakeholders with a One Health aproach for improved control of NZD ADVANZ is expected to have a major impact on the general awareness of the existence, importance and added value of controlling NZD in disease endemic areas. This is expected to enhance interest for NZD both nationally and internationally across all relevant sectors. As a part of the impact chain, the increased awareness is expected to contribute to chances in national policies, and change practices among livestock owners which at the moment favour persistence or even emerging of NZD.ADVANZ’s strategy will be to influence policies directly but also develop the capacity of others for NZD advocacy. By establishing a Pan African OH-NZD network uniting existing single-string NZD promoters, the group of committed advocates will increase substantially and will deliver more holistic and culturally and environmentally acceptable solutions.
Effective start/end date1/10/1231/03/15


  • European Commission: €37,985.00