An investigation of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and their pathogens in districts of northern Uganda affected by nodding syndrome

  • Hendy, Adam (PhD Student)
  • Madder, Maxime (Promotor)
  • Colebunders, Bob (Promotor)

    Project Details


    1. To compare the efficacy of Esperanza Window Traps with Human Landing Collections to determine their potential as an alternative tool for the collection of human host-seeking blackflies in northern Uganda.
    2. To investigate spatial relationships between blackfly spp. and nodding syndrome (NS) cases in NS-affected and surrounding (unaffected) districts in northern Uganda.
    4. To investigate the occurrence of human-biting Simulium bovis and determine its role as a vector of Onchocerca spp. in NS-affected and surrounding districts.
    3. To investigate the presence and distribution of Onchocerca spp. and other possible blackflyborne pathogens in NS-affected and surrounding districts.
    Effective start/end date7/10/156/02/18

    IWETO expertise domain

    • B780-tropical-medicine