Antimicrobial resistance of bacterial pathogens in Peru

  • Garcia, Coralith (PhD Student)
  • Jacobs, Jan (Promotor)
  • Bruggeman, C. (Promotor)
  • Samalvides, Frine (Promotor)

Project Details


Antimicrobial resistance is an overwhelming issue worldwide. Resistant infections negatively affect duration of illness, mortality and treatment costs. Multiple studies have indicated that resistance may be increasing in developing countries. However, the data available is not accurate particularly in countries (as Peru) where systematic surveillance systems are absent or not appropriate. The objectives ofthis study are to perform antimicrobial resistance surveillance of key isolates causing bacteraemia in Peru through a network ofhospitals in the country, and to assess the knowledge, attitudes, and practices of physicians with respect to the use of antimicrobial drugs and antimicrobial resistance. In addition, it intends to explore the microbiological and genetic characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus isolates (a key organism of resistance surveillance) recovered from colonized/infected patients in Peru.
Effective start/end date1/01/0929/01/16

IWETO expertise domain

  • B780-tropical-medicine


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