Bacterial bloodstream infections in Rwanda: a molecular surveillance study

  • Rutanga, Jean Pierre (PhD Student)
  • Jacobs, Jan (Promotor)
  • Jacobs, Jan (Promotor)
  • Muvunyi, Claude (Promotor)

Project Details


Bacterial bloodstream infections can lead to severe febrile illness requiring immediate diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the spread of antibiotic resistant bacteria is considered one of the most important threats to the global public health. Accurate and sustainable surveillance of bacterial bloodstream infections is crucial for developing and implementing interventions to decrease the number of infections and to prevent the spread antibiotic resistant bacteria. In this study, I will conduct (i) a microbiological surveillance study for bacterial bloodstream infections at three hospitals in Rwanda, (ii) a molecular surveillance study with next generation molecular diagnostic tests, and (iii) a genomic epidemiology study by whole genome sequencing of the bacteria isolated from patients to understand the genomic diversity and antibiotic resistance of the pathogenic bacteria. My PhD study will provide crucial data on the etiologies, diversity and antibiotic resistance levels of bacteria causing bloodstream infections in Rwanda. Next to the direct medical importance, my study will significantly advance the implementation of novel technological tools in surveillance strategies. The generated information will be crucial to inform hospitals, local health services and international organization on the most effective control interventions. At the same time, it will provide novel surveillance methodologies to evaluate interventions.
Effective start/end date1/04/1619/04/22

IWETO expertise domain

  • B780-tropical-medicine