Biomarker Characterization and Assay Development for Rapid Clinical Diagnosis of the Select Biothreat Agents B. pseudomallei, B. mallei, and Y. pestis

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The project consists of the establishment of a reference clinical sample panel consisting of blood/serum and allowing the different steps of the development and proof-of-concept testing of an in-vitro diagnostic assay for the diagnosis of melioidosis on human blood. Clinical samples (blood and serum) from patient recruited at SHCH will be processed (decontamination) and shipped to SRI International where biomarker development and proof-of-concept will be carried out. Based on its patient’s profile at SHCH and its quality-assured clinical care and performance of microbiological diagnosis as well as on their expertise and experience with Biobank and sample shipment, the SCHC-ITM teams intend to organise the reference clinical sample panel and to act as subcontractors according to the Statement of Work described in the subcontracts between SRI International and ITM-SHCH.
Effective start/end date9/11/1515/01/19


  • SRI International: €983,502.27


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