Building institutional capacity at the Mozambique INS, Phase II

Project Details


The BICMINS project is a project of institutional capacity building, conceived around three results: 1) governance and management, providing the opportunity to the INS to strengthen managerial tools and procedures; 2) human resources, ensuring capacity building at all (from junior to senior) levels; and 3) research and surveillance, allowing the INS to put in place tools and mechanisms to promote a culture of scientific quality.
The first phase of the BICMINS project (Jan 2012-Jun 2014) required quite some time and resources to develop the necessary procedures, before actual implementation and budget spending could start. However, at three months from the end of phase 1, a number of successes have been achieved, including the enrolment of 10 master students at INS and one at the Belgian university of Leuven, 2 PhD students enrolled at the ITM, the organisation of 4 short courses for INS staff, the assignment of 13 fellowships to mid-level and senior INS staff, and the allocation of 10 internal research grants after as many as 33 proposals were received and reviewed by more than 60 external scientists.
Phase 2 of the BICMINS project aims to continue the processes launched during phase 1 and further build on and multiply the successes. The management audit and trainings in managerial skills will further strengthen management, while governance structures will continue to be developed through the implementation of the integrated and activity management systems. More junior, mid- and senior level trainings and fellowships will be ensured to build scientific expertise and capacity. New internal research grants will stimulate INS researchers to aim for still higher scientific quality through internal competition.
Attention will be given to ensure that phase 2 of the BICMINS project will be in line with the new INS strategic plan 2016-2020, which is currently in preparation. Moreover, as stated in the initial overall project proposal, phase 2 of the project is also aligned with two of the focus sub-sectors of the Strategy for Development Cooperation between the Governments of Mozambique and Flanders, i.e. human resources for health and health research and monitoring.
Effective start/end date1/06/1231/08/23


  • Flemish Government - Department of Chancery & Foreign Affairs: €542,300.00