Care package for treatment and control of visceral leishmaniasis in East Africa

  • Balasegaram, Manica (Coordinator)
  • Ravinetto, Raffaella (Researcher)
  • van Griensven, Johan (Researcher)
  • Zolfo, Maria (CoI)
  • Baeten, Elke (Administrator)
  • Alexander, Neal (Partner)
  • Diro, Ermias (Partner)
  • Edwards, Tansy (Partner)
  • Ellis, Sally (Partner)
  • Mudawi Musa, Ahmed (Partner)
  • Ritmeijer, Koert (Partner)
  • Wasunna, Monique (Partner)
  • Yifru, Sisay (Partner)
  • Zijlstra, Ed (Partner)
  • Lynen, Lut (Promotor)
  • Sy, Houssynatou (Administrator)


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Medicine & Life Sciences