Developing a training and resource package for improving the sexual and reproductive health of people living with HIV/AIDS

  • Nöstlinger, Christiana (Promotor)
  • BORMS, Ruth (Partner)
  • LEGRAND, Alain (Partner)
  • BOGNER, Johannes (Partner)
  • UBERTI-FOPPA, Caterina (Partner)
  • IZDEBSKI, Zbignew (Partner)
  • TAVIRA Tavora, Luis (Partner)
  • STANEKOVA, Danica (Partner)
  • GORDILLO, Victoria (Partner)
  • KOK, Gerjo (Partner)
  • KOCSIS, Agnes (Partner)
  • Everaert, Renilde (Administrator)

Project Details



The project’s general objective is to prevent HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI) by supporting service providers to deliver effective SRH interventions. Specific project objectives are:

Development of evidence-based and theory-guided target group specific interventions to improve SRH of PLHA (two target groups: men having sex with men and migrants).Development of a training and resource package for service providers in the HIV/AIDS field (target group: service providers).Development of organizational policies on how to integrate SRH-related services in routine service delivery.Maintaining a network of HIV and SRH experts and field organizations in Europe.
AcronymEurosupport VI
Effective start/end date1/03/0928/02/13


  • European Commission - Executive Agency for Health & Consumers: €732,758.04


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