Developing, evaluating, and deploying a Wet and Dry Laboratory Pipeline for monitoring and characterizing arboviral pathogens using virus-enriched metagenomic sequencing

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The world has witnessed a surge in viral outbreaks, notably arboviruses transmitted by arthropods, imposing significant global health and economic threats. These viruses, characterized by their adaptability, have thrived in urbanized environments influenced by climate change, necessitating a comprehensive approach to grasp and mitigate their global repercussions. Existing diagnostic methods, while valuable, are constrained by their targeted nature, potentially missing co-infections, and emerging pathogens. Metagenomic Next Generation Sequencing (mNGS), particularly with third-generation sequencers like Oxford Nanopore Technologies (ONT), provides an unbiased and extensive pathogen detection solution. This project aims to surmount the challenges associated with mNGS adoption, with the goal of establishing it as a potent tool for early virus detection and monitoring, particularly within the context of arboviral circulation in Brazil thereby enhancing public health preparedness.
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  • B780-tropical-medicine


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