Developing, Testing and Optimizing Patient Education and Counseling in HIV Prevention through Digital Self-Managementand Group Counseling among Men having Sex with Men

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The research aims of this study are to systematically develop, test and optimize education and counseling tools that improve adherence to HIV prevention measures (such as PrEP) and overall sexual health among MSM; and to develop proper guidance to allow for these tools to be widely implemented.

These overall research aims will be reached through the study’s four specific objectives (SO):
1) SO1: To explore the prevention needs of HIV-negative MSM at high risk for acquiring HIV and other STIs.
2) SO2: To develop two tailored education and counseling protocols (i.e. a group-level counseling facilitator-guided counseling intervention; a digital self-management tool) that aim to improve adherence to prevention measures and to enhance the use of sexual risk reduction strategies, properly adjusted to the needs of this particular risk group.
3) SO3: To implement and test the developed protocols in an ongoing PrEP demonstration project.
4) SO4: To develop practical guidance for health care professionals (e.g. clinicians) regarding adequate implementation of these education and counseling tools using a comprehensive approach into the Belgian healthcare system.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/03/20


  • King Baudouin Foundation: €149,993.00


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