Development of a high-throughput inhibition ELISA to replace immune trypanolysis for post-elimination monitoring of gambiense-HAT II

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    Further develop the iELISA, for which the proof-of-concept will have been delivered in the original investment (project iELISA HAT), into a fully evaluated CE marked iELISA kit that makes use of recombinant antigens and that fulfils the TPP and UC as developed in the previous project.
    In addition to that, we will develop an improved molecular tool for identifying T.b. gambiense infections in man and human that should facilitate confirming the presence of the parasite in subjects that are serologically or clinically suspect but where microscopy fails to reveal the parasite.
    AcronymiElisa HAT II
    Effective start/end date1/10/1831/08/21


    • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: €988,322.39