Development of a peptide-based rapid diagnostic test for T. evansi infection

  • Abera, Birhanu Hadush (PhD Student)
  • Büscher, Philippe (Promotor)
  • Goddeeris, Bruno (Promotor)
  • Tadesse, Gebrehiwot (Promotor)

    Project Details


    Trypanosoma evansi (surra) affects a wide range of domestic animals and is widely distributed in Africa but also occurs in Latin America and Asia. Morbidity and mortality are high and lead to important economical losses. The existing diagnostic tools have their advantages and disadvantages but for serological screening of animals at risk, the only field applicable test available is the CATT/T. evansi. It is based on detection of antibodies against the variant surface glycoprotein RoTat 1.2, comes as a multiple dose test and needs a rotator for proper application. Within the proposed study, a lateral flow rapid diagnostic test will be developed whereby native antigens present in the CATT will be replaced by synthetic peptides. The selection of the mimotope peptides will be achieved by the screening of a peptide phage display library with sera from infected animals, as has been applied for the development of a similar test for human African trypanosomiasis. This project will also allow to study prevalences of surra in endemic regions in Ethiopia, to isolate and characterise Ethiopian strains of T. evansi and to establish a specimen bank needed to develop and evaluate novel diagnostic tests for surra.
    Effective start/end date1/05/1228/06/16

    IWETO expertise domain

    • B780-tropical-medicine