Documenting stillbirths and early neonatal deaths to improve maternal and newborn health in Cambodia

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Every year, 2.1 million stillbirths and 2.6 million neonatal deaths occur globally. Compared to overall under 5 mortality stillbirths and neonatal deaths have decreased at a slower pace since 1990. The majority (75%) of stillbirths and early neonatal deaths are preventable through high quality antenatal and intrapartum care within the continuum of care for women and children. Worldwide attention to babies who die in stillbirth and in the early neonatal period has increased, however data collection at country levels is of poor quality. Stillbirths and neonatal deaths measurement has regained attention during the COVID-19 crisis and its related decreased use of services during pregnancy and childbirth. The general objective of this research is to document and explore factors associated with stillbirths and very early neonatal deaths in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A case-control design nested in a cross sectional study will be used. Quantitative routine data from the registers and medical files from 2017 to 2020 will be collected. Descriptive statistics will be generated: proportion of stillbirths (total, antepartum and intrapartum) early (<24h) neonatal deaths; socio-economic variables, mother preconditions, examination at admission, labor follow-up and type of birth. Then, factors associated with stillbirths and early neonatal death will be explored. This jPPP will lead to inform programs, to scaling up data collection at national level and elaborate a broader action project to improve maternal and perinatal health.
Effective start/end date20/10/2020/10/21


  • Flemish Government - Department of Economy, Science & Innovation: €18,450.00


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