European Cooperation for anti-Viral Drug discovery and preperadnness for current and emerging coronavirus outbreaks

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In just two months, the SARS-CoV2 outbreak has become a global pandemic that killed almost 30K people and infected
more than 600K man and women worldwide, imposing an unprecedented lockdown on world-wide scale, with huge socioeconomic
consequences. Health-care professionals are currently in the frontline of this “war”, saving lives, protecting the
medically fragile population, while governments are trying to contain the spreading of SARS-CoV2 through severe and costly
lock-down measures. All these efforts have the ultimate scope of buying time to the scientific community to rapidly identify a
specific SARS-Cov2 antiviral. The EUROCOVID consortium is ready to accept this challenge and has brought together a
well-integrated network of (public/private) EU experts in antiviral drug-discovery for the development of pan-coronavirus
antivirals that will rapidly respond to the current SARS-CoV2 outbreak and to future related outbreaks or mutations leading to
drug-resistance. To leave no stone unturned, EUROCOVID will pursue two different objectives at the same time: 1) a
rationale fast-track drug repurposing to identify in 1.5 years’ timeframe a drug to be progressed in Phase IIa/IIb studies; 2) a
wide drug discovery effort to discover new broad-spectrum antivirals (preclinical candidates) as a preparedness measures to
offer the possibility of immediately initiating prophylactic (in the absence of an effective vaccine) as well as a therapeutic
treatment for the current outbreak or in case of future viral outbreaks of unknown aetiology or the development of drugresistance
mutations. These two objectives well describe the EUROCOVID mission of mitigating the Coronavirus threat and
our vision towards the development of “penicillin-like” antivirals.
Effective start/end date1/04/2028/02/21


  • DIVERSE KLANTEN: €25,000.00