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The successful development of preventative strategies against HIV-1 (microbicides, vaccines or their combined effects) would provide a pivotal turning point in global efforts to combat the pandemic spread of AIDS providing an incalculable impact on solving societal problems associated with this disease.
EUROPRISE will promote an integrated program of research, coordinating a wide portfolio of activities encompassing the whole pipeline of vaccine and microbicide development from early discovery through to early clinical trials. This unique approach places the Network at the international forefront of understanding the interface between these two technologies, pursing a critical path to the development of effective HIV-1 prevention strategies.cipal aim of this project is to bring together EU scientists from both microbicide and vaccine fields to embrace a coordinated approach to HIV-1 prevention research.

Effective start/end date1/01/0730/06/12


  • European Commission: €200,000.00


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