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EmERGE will develop a mHealth platform to enable self-management of HIV in patients with stable disease. The platform
will build upon and integrate the existing mHealth solutions operated by pioneering healthcare providers in the UK and Spain
and apply a rigorous co-design approach to ensure patient and clinician input to the solution. The platform will provide users
with web based and mobile device applications which interface securely with relevant medical data and facilitate remote
access to key healthcare providers EATG, the European HIV patient organisation, will provide a direct and deep interaction
with representative patients and clinicians from 5 EU countries. The platform and interfaces will be validated in a large study
of 3900 patients using a tailored HTA process, MAST, specifically developed for the assessment of mHealth solutions
including translatability as a key factor. Based on prior work showing a high uptake rate and use of mHealth in HIV patient
populations, EmERGE aims to demonstrate the benefits to patients and simultaneous increases in cost-effectiveness for
healthcare providers by reducing face-to-face consultations, estimated at 6000 saved per year within this study alone.
Patient reported outcomes will be agreed and used in the assessment and development of the system which also aims to
increase adherence and enable frailty to be reported using mHealth technology. Innovation will be given priority from the
beginning by developing new business models of care provision, targeting key stakeholders in the EU health provider sector,
including policymakers and clinicians, while eliciting demand from patients to highlight and initiate the widespread
implementation and compensation of mHealth solutions within the timeframe of the project. Guidelines and policy briefs will
be produced to evidence the benefits and disseminate the lessons learned to support the uptake of mHealth for selfmanagement
of other chronic diseases.
Effective start/end date1/05/1530/09/20


  • European Commission: €413,552.43


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