Identification of risk factors and prediction of adverse treatment outcomes in visceral leishmaniasis in Ethiopia

  • Abongomera, Acellam Charles (PhD Student)
  • van Griensven, Johan (Promotor)
  • Colebunders, Bob (Promotor)
  • Diro, Ermias (Promotor)
  • Ritmeijer, Koert (Promotor)

Project Details


Visceral leishmaniasis (VL) is a potentially fatal disease, with particularly high rates of adverse events (mortality/relapse) in HIV co-infected cases. Ethiopia has the highest burden of VL-HIV co-infection in the world but limited research has been done to improve treatment outcomes in this region. Particularly prognostic studies are lacking, which could lead to evidence based approaches to improve patient management. The aim of this proposal is to improve our understanding of the risk and risk factors for adverse outcomes. As a first step, we will perform a systematic review of prognostic factors for mortality in VL patients in East Africa. Subsequently, we aim to develop and validate a prognostic score to predict mortality in VL patients in Ethiopia. Meanwhile, we aim to determine the prevalence and factors associated with primary adrenal insufficiency (PAI) and the association with case fatality. Finally, we will assess the risk of VL relapse and associated factors in HIV co-infected patients in Ethiopia. Combined, we hope the different studies can improve our scientific understanding of the determinants of the various patient outcomes and could lead to clinical tools aiming to improve patient care.
Effective start/end date2/01/1630/05/18

IWETO expertise domain

  • B780-tropical-medicine


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