Immuno Cytometry: Phenotyping immune cellular components, in the context of HBV, HIV and AD, by new, advanced technologies

  • Vanham, Guido (Promotor)
  • Chong, Yolanda (Promotor)
  • Van Gulck, Ellen (Researcher)
  • Ebneth, Andreas (Coordinator)
  • Moechars, Dieder (Coordinator)
  • Van Ginderachter, Jo A (Partner)
  • Van Broeckhoven, C (Partner)
  • Wuyts, Roel (Partner)
  • Janssens, Nancy (Administrator)

Project Details


This project’s aim is to improve insight in and exploit immune cell complexity in chronic infection disease models and in neurodegeneration, by means of new cellular phenotyping technologies (Single Cell Sequencing and Multi-Parametric High-Content Imaging on non-adherent cells).
Effective start/end date18/01/1817/08/20


  • Agency for Innovation by Science & Technology: €431,984.37


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