Impact of the clinical trials on the health behaviours of the communities and the quality of the health services in West and East Africa

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The aim is to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of public health-oriented clinical trials on local communities and the corresponding health system. To achieve this we will address the following research questions. Does the implementation of clinical trials have an impact on access to care and health facility utilisation, i.e.frequency of attendance, early attendance or delay, increased/decreased turst, etc? In case of positive changes, can these be maintained over time and beyond the presence of the research team? If negative or no changes, is there anything that could be done to improve the situation? What is the impact on health staff and health services in terms of (i) quality of care for all patients; (ii) skills and motivation of the health staff; (iii) other possible factors of change. Is there any indirect benefit (development of trade, employment or local infrastructure) related to the implementation to the trials, and if yes, can these be maintained?

Effective start/end date6/06/116/06/13


  • The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership : €24,750.00


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