Impact on equity of access and efficiency of Integrated Health care Networks (IHN) in Colombia and Brazil.

  • VASQUEZ, Luisa (Coordinator)
  • Unger, Jean-Pierre (Promotor)
  • De Paepe, Pierre (Researcher)
  • Van Dessel, Patrick (Researcher)
  • Ferreira da Silva, Maria Rejane (Partner)
  • MOGOLLON AMPARO, Ssusana (Partner)
  • Everaert, Renilde (Administrator)

    Project Details


    The research focuses on different types of integrated health care networks (IHN), widely promoted in Latin America in spite of lack of knowledge on their impact. It will look at their impact on equity and efficiency, and its implication for an universal and equitable access to maternal and child care. Research general objective is to provide evidence on the impact of different types of integrated health care networks (IHN) to a) health care access and b) health care provision efficiency in two Latin American countries: Colombia and Brazil. Methodology. The research will be two-pronged: a) a country case study and b) a cross-country comparative analysis. In phase a) it will assess actual IHN’s performance regarding equity of access, and efficiency, in the light of policy framework. In phase b) results will be compared across countries, in order to determine factors and actors affecting results in different contexts. Using an innovative multi-disciplinary approach, it will combine qualitative and quantitative (cross-sectional study) research methods of social sciences. Analysis will be conducted at three levels: health system, institution and services’ potential users from a gender perspective. Results and relevance. The research will produce evidence-based policy lessons for better quality health care providers; it will develop appropriate methods to assess the performance of health providers; and will be conducive to more efficient and effective health care, as well as to an improvement in access to health care, particularly to maternal and childcare. It will contribute to FP7 Cooperation Work Programe Health (SICA)’s objectives by 1) addressing priority areas of health systems’ research to contribute to achieving MDGs in maternal and child health 2) promoting evidence-based policy making, 3) strengthening research capacity of universities and 4) developing new European and Latin American institutional links.

    Effective start/end date1/03/0931/08/13


    • European Commission: €520,188.46


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