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Overall objectives: To improve the sustainable livelihoods of resource-poor livestock producers in smallholder production systems through improved control of trypanosomiasis.Specific objectives:1. To improve capacity and capability of African laboratories and veterinary services to detect trypanocide resistance and to conduct quality control of trypanocidal drugs;2. To improve the effectiveness of available trypanocides in livestock;3. To promote and monitor the use of the technical and structural innovations developed in partnership at a regional and continental scale.Estimated results:1. Project coordinated and managed efficiently2. Improved protocols and tools to detect trypanocidal drug resistance and to determine trypanocidal drug quality available;3. Prevalence of trypanocide resistance and quality of trypanocidal drugs on local markets determined in three countries;4. Best-bet integrated strategies to improve effectiveness of trypanocides in livestock developed;5. Delivery systems to support the transfer of strategies implemented;6. Impact of intervention(s) on livelihoods of smallholders determined;7. Integrated approach to improve the effectiveness of trypanocidal drug treatments in livestock to control AAT and HAT promoted at continental scale.
Effective start/end date1/03/1231/10/20


  • European Commission - External Actions: €3,329,878.00