Improving the performance of health care delivery systems to provide quality care for persons with chronic diseases at the primary level of healthcare in rural Karnataka, India

  • Lall, Dorothy (PhD Student)
  • Criel, Bart (Promotor)
  • Devadasan, Narayanan (Promotor)

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Chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular disease (CVD) and diabetes are a growing health problem globally and the burden is disproportionately higher in low-and middle-income countries (LMICs) like India. This study is an enquiry into the care of persons with CVD or at risk of developing the disease as a prototype of chronic disease care at the primary healthcare level in rural India. The first phase of the study seeks to critically analyze the current organization of healthcare service delivery for CVD and its risk factors in the private and government healthcare delivery facilities in a rural district (Kolar) in Karnataka, India using the Chronic Care Model as a lens/framework for organization of care. The second phase of the study seeks to build on the knowledge gained in phase one, to design relevant contextualized interventions to improve the quality of care being delivered. The third phase of the study will implement these interventions in experimental and control health care facilities and compare outcomes of care. This study is of significance and relevance given the growing burden of chronic diseases and given the fact that care for persons with chronic disease is posing a huge public health challenge. Most health care facilities in India, be it in the public or the private sector, are traditionally geared towards acute episodic care typically needed for communicable diseases, which by no means is a finished agenda; in addition they now also have to care for chronic diseases which have different and unique demands of the health system. This study will hopefully inform and guide the organization of care within both government and private health care delivery systems in India.
Effective start/end date1/08/159/03/22

IWETO expertise domain

  • B680-public-health


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