Molecular Characterization of Mycobacterial Isolates Causing Tuberculosis in Humans and Animals in Northwest Ethiopia

  • Kitata, Mebrat Ejo (PhD Student)
  • de Jong, Bouke (Promotor)
  • Diro, Ermias (Promotor)
  • Rigouts, Leen (Promotor)
  • Torrea, Gabriela (Copromotor)
  • Gehre, Florian (Copromotor)

Project Details


Even though Ethiopia is one of the high tuberculosis (TB) burden countries, studies on molecular epidemiology of TB caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC) in the country are inadequate. In this study, we will determine the prevalence of TB, and characterize mycobacterial isolates causing TB among human and animal cases in Northwest Ethiopia, particularly in Gondar and surroundings. The study specifically aims todescribe the genetic diversity of the MTBC, in order to determine whether M. tuberculosis lineage 7 or other new lineages has an animal reservoir, and explains the higher prevalence of extrapulmonary TB in Ethiopia. Additionally, the study will determine the drug susceptibility patterns of the mycobacterial isolates, identify drug resistance mutations and association with MTBC lineages and MDR-TB, and also study the associations of MTBC lineages with clinical manifestation, and treatment outcome. A cross-sectional study design will be used, enrolling consecutive TB patients. Meanwhile, socio-demographic, clinical and epidemiological data will be collected. Furthermore, specimens from study participants and slaughter animals will be collected for laboratory analysis using smear microscopy, culture, drug susceptibility testing (DST), spoligotyping, and genome sequencing. The collected data will be analyzed using publicly available international molecular databases, and statistical software packages.
Effective start/end date1/02/1616/06/22

IWETO expertise domain

  • B780-tropical-medicine


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