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Establishment of an integrated and synergistic network to address the challenge of multiple drug resistant TBC (MDR-TB) facing the EU. The objective will be attained through the establishment of a European consortium of expert partners with extensive experience in the conduct of basic and clinical research relating to MDR-TB, TB control and epidemiology. This Consortium will achieve this by:
Conducting an extensive and focused programme of basic/clinical research to improve the diagnosis and management of MDR-TBDevelop a broad training curriculum leading to the creation of a new generation of scientists and clinicians expert in the management of drug resistant TBCreate field sites across the EU with the capacity for evaluating new diagnostic systems and novel drug therapies on behalf of European industry and governmentEstablish a unified and robust quality assurance mechanism for the accurate and rapid diagnosis of drug resistance and develop appropriate safety standard for European health care workersImproving our understanding of the transmission of MDR)TB at the molecular level and host-related risk factors for its developmentThe Consortium will disseminate its findings and analyses widely to the benefit of specialists, general health care staff, EU governments, NGOs and health policy makers. This will provide researchers and clinicians with appropriate knowledge and improved tools to fight MDR-TB, and assist European industry in the development of new diagnostics and treatments. Consortium outputs will assist governments in the development and implementation of appropriate health and social policies to limit and control the spread of MDR-TB within the member states of the EU. Internationally, these objectives will assist countries bordering the EU and international agencies such as the WHO and ECDC in reducing the impact of drug resistance.
Effective start/end date1/01/0930/06/14


  • European Commission: €186,000.00


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