Rectifying the effects of COVID-19 on Vulnerable Populations in West-Africa : a Research Action

Project Details


The RECOVER project seeks to provide a mechanism to bridge the knowledge gap about collateral effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations in West Africa. The aim is to facilitate the development of contextually relevant and evidence-informed strategies that strenghten cross-sectoral linkages to deal with collateral effects of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations in the West Africa region. Ultimately, this will enable the sub-region to better manage similar collateral effects during future outbreaks.

ITM will be supporting the implementation of the RECOVER project by providing technical assistance through training and other capacity building activities, aimed at equiping the project implementation partners and their research teams with the research methodologies that will be applied in this project.
Effective start/end date9/06/2130/11/23


  • Dodowa Health Research Centre: €28,938.00