Risk of emergence of viral diseases driven by ecoclimatic

  • Coosemans, Marc (Promotor)
  • Van Bortel, Wim (Promotor)
  • ZWETKOFF, Catherine (Administrator)
  • Thiry, Etienne (Partner)

Project Details


The aim of the project is to elaborate an integrated approach of the surveillance of risk factors combining environment, climate and health, focusing on viral infections. The multidisciplinary cluster will take advantage of the existing inventory of health problems that could be the consequences of climate changes and associated environmental changes (AGORA-MCS project) as well as the data generated by the concerned project, and information coming from the networks of the partners. The cluster will benefit from the results of the current project Scope (phase 1 completed) enhancing the need to entrench the research within a larger (existing) policy framework through an integration of socio-economical and political considerations. As larger policy framework sometimes restricts the margin of maneuver for the management of individual risks, it would be desirable to use principles of strategic management and planning in the decision making process to cope with existing limitations and enable an inclusive approach towards risk based policy development. The tasks of the cluster (as delineated by the call for proposals of clusters) will be: 1. to incorporate to the existing inventory the surveillance networks and the databases generated by the concerned projects ; 2. to identify lacking data, surveillance networks and researches ; 3. to propose a scientifically sounded methodology of an integrated risks analysis taking into account climatic, environmental, epidemiological, sanitary and socio-economic parameters.

Effective start/end date15/12/0931/01/12


  • Belgian Science Policy Office: €13,745.00


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