Saving mothers lives using Responsible AI

  • Van Belle, Sara (PI)
  • Belrhiti, Zakaria (CoPI)
  • Assarag, Bouchra (CoPI)
  • El Basisy, Imad (Researcher)

Project Details


Despite progress in the last ten years, maternal mortality and morbidity remain a significant challenge for Morocco. 12‰ of near miss and maternal mortality are attributed to delayed diagnosis and referral in rural areas. In response, innovative tools for decision-making for clinicians using A.I. applications such as Deep Learning Neural Networks have the potential to improve the detection of
high-risk pregnancies, and lead to timely referral, resulting in a significant decrease in maternal mortality and morbidity. This project will develop and pilot a tool for maternal health - risk classification in twelve rural primary healthcare facilities, in one rural health district in Morocco. It will further evaluate the effectiveness, implementation process, and contextual conditions within which
such AI-based interventions might be effectively implemented in real-world settings of maternal health service delivery in remote and rural areas in Morocco
Effective start/end date1/01/241/01/25


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