Social Accountability in Maternal Health Services

  • Hamal, Mukesh (PhD Student)
  • De Brouwere, Vincent (Promotor)
  • de Cock Bunning, Tjard (Promotor)
  • Dieleman, Marjolein (Promotor)

Project Details


Social accountability has been highlighted as one of the key pathways in improving maternal health. This study will try to explore and describe the social accountability mechanisms in maternal health services using the World Bank’s (2004) model. Two Indian states will be selected purposively - one with a very good maternal health status while another will be the one with relatively poor maternal health status. Nepal will be taken as another case – a different country with different policies and programs and different maternal health status. The study will particularly focus on identifying the major actors of maternal health in the study sites, and explore different mechanisms (i.e. long route and the short routes) in place to ensure social accountability. It will also try to explore and describe the various factors that influence the social accountability mechanisms. It will also try to explore the gaps in the existing social accountability mechanisms and implement interactive learning and action (ILA) among the stakeholders to address the gaps.
Effective start/end date14/07/1410/12/18

IWETO expertise domain

  • B680-public-health


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