Spacial analysis of host-parasite interactions in the skin across the clinical spectrum of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Ethiopia

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Cutaneous leishmaniasis manifestations range from self-healing localized skin ulcers/nodules to diffusely spread chronic lesions. Knowledge on the host-parasite interactions underpinning the different clinical presentations is scarce, in particular for L. aethiopica infections where disease can be extremely severe. To generate unprecedented insights into the host-parasite interplay within the skin, we propose a first-in-its-kind and in-depth in situ evaluation of the immune and metabolic environment at the site of parasitism, combining host and parasite spatial RNA/protein profiling and mass spectrometry imaging. This research will provide novel insights into skin immunity and identify targets for prevention and treatment of leishmaniasis.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/23


  • Various: €850,000.00