Taenia solium Elimination versus control: what is the best way forward for Sub-Saharan Africa?

  • Hobbs, Emma Clare (PhD Student)
  • Dorny, Pierre (Promotor)
  • Gabriël, Sarah (Copromotor)
  • Dorny, Pierre (Promotor)
  • Willingham, A. Lee (Promotor)
  • Ketzis, Jennifer (Copromotor)

    Project Details


    Aims and Objectives: This PhD project will be carried out within the framework of the ITM Project ‘Taenia solium Elimination versus control: what is the best way forward for Sub--‐Saharan Africa?’, funded by the Flemish Ministry of Research (EWI), in which a large--‐scale intervention study will be conducted. This ITM Project will compare the impact, cost--‐effectiveness, and acceptability of elimination (using integrated measures targeting both human and porcine hosts), versus control (using a single method) of T. solium in two communities within the highly endemic Eastern province of Zambia. The ITM study will be of 6 years’ duration.
    For my three--‐year PhD project, the specific aims and objectives are:
    Primary objectives:
    • To evaluate whether elimination of T. solium can be achieved in the defined study area within the prescribed time--‐frame
    • To describe the economics related to pig keeping and the economic impact of T. solium, both on an individual and societal level and capturing both animal--‐ and human--‐related data
    • To define the cost of elimination of T. solium
    • To describe the perception/acceptability of the local communities regarding the proposed intervention measures
    Secondary objectives:
    • To evaluate the impact of the educational program ‘The Vicious Worm’ on T. solium--‐ related knowledge/attitude and practices in school--‐aged children
    • To evaluate the burden of T. solium in Zambia
    Effective start/end date2/07/1526/11/18

    IWETO expertise domain

    • B780-tropical-medicine