The complete in vitro Plasmodium vivax cycle as a first step for understanding its biology and identifying new therapeutic targets.

  • D'Alessandro, Umberto (Promotor)
  • Van Den Abbeele, Jan (Researcher)
  • Erhart, Annette (Researcher)
  • Coosemans, Marc (Researcher)
  • Van Overmeir, Chantal (Researcher)
  • Van den Eede, Peter (Coordinator)

Project Details


P. vivax represents a huge burden on the
health, longevity, and socio-economic development of large sections of the
human population. Despite its importance, research on P. vivax lags behind that on P.
, seriously compromising the development of adequate tools for
its control. Besides less resources available (as compared to P. falciparum), the failure to achieve
continuous culture of P. vivax has
seriously limited research activities in this field. We propose to tackle this
problem by setting up a reliable and reproducible in vitro P. vivax cycle that, by describing the genetic and
molecular mechanisms involved in their activation, would be used to identify
potential targets for both diagnosis and/or treatment for P. vivax hypnozoites. Research activities are divided in 4 work
package, going from the setting up of a continuous culture of P. vivax blood stages to the study of
the gene expression of P. vivax liver
stages. This is a “high-risk”, innovative project. However, available
literature indicates that the objectives defined in this proposal are well
within reach of a determined, experienced and dedicated research group. The
achievement of a complete in vitro cycle of P.
will be a major breakthrough with the potential of being published in
high impact journals. This project, if successful, will be able to provide an
extremely useful tool to understand the biology and the epidemiology of P. vivax and also the possibility of
identifying new drug targets. As such, the impact on society in countries where
P. vivax is endemic can be


AcronymP. vivax cycle
Effective start/end date1/09/0831/12/13