To enhance the research capacity and evidence based medical practice in tropical and poverty related diseases in Ethiopia

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The start-up FA3-III project (2014-2016) with Gondar College of Medical and Health Sciences (GCMHS), at the University of Gondar (UoG) was geared towards capacity building on clinical research and training. There was a strong focus on clinical medicine and laboratory quality, with visceral leishmaniasis – a fatal parasitic neglected disease – as main focus.
Building on the needs jointly identified during FA3-III, in the present proposal, we aim to consolidate the visceral leishmaniasis research, broaden research activities towards other neglected tropical diseases/poverty related diseases including cutaneous leishmaniasis and tuberculosis, consolidate lab quality (GCLP) and capacity for sample storage (biobanking), establish the required laboratory (molecular, immunology) platforms to support the clinical and laboratory research activities on the various topics, and introduce a strong component of antibiotic stewardship and surveillance of antibiotic resistance, backed up by a quality microbiology laboratory.
All these activities will be complemented with linked training activities, in particular on research methodology, good clinical practice, clinical decision making and evidence-based medicine. In depth training in laboratory skills and laboratory quality will be organized as well. From a small project (FA3-III) involving a small number of clinical units, the project (FA4) has matured towards a comprehensive project covering biomedical, clinical and public health sciences and involving a high number of units at ITM and their UoG counterparts. Our ambition is that FA4 will lead to strong, independent Ethiopian researchers and trainers, contributing to enhancing the evidence base of health related interventions, and serving as an inspiration for their students and (younger) colleagues.
AcronymETHIOPIA - 2018 - FA4
Effective start/end date1/01/1831/12/18


  • Directorate-General for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid: €459,678.80