To review the relevance and effectiveness of the ILO-OECD-WHO Working for Health Programme

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The objective is to assess the relevance and effectiveness of the W4H Programme and its Five-year Action Plan for Health Employment and Inclusive Economic Growth (2017-2021). The conclusions and the recommendations will inform preparation of the agenda item anticipated at the World Health Assembly in May 2021. The assessment follows the governance process established in reviewing the ‘relevance’ and ‘effectiveness’ of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel. The guiding definitions for ‘relevance’ and ‘effectiveness’ are:

Relevance: the extent – noting the context of the COVID-19 pandemic - to which the W4H Programme and its Five-year Action Plan continue to be pertinent and can contribute to countries’ efforts to address challenges in relation to the health and social care workforce and health systems strengthening.

Effectiveness: the extent to which the implementation of the Five-year Action Plan deliverables and immediate actions, via the W4H Programme, have resulted in evidence- informed changes concerning health workforce policy and strengthening at country, regional and global levels.
Effective start/end date16/11/2015/01/21


  • World Health Organization: €44,080.00


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