To strengthen the research capacity in the resource limited setting of Burkina Faso.

Project Details


The new 5-year program builds on the ongoing collaboration between CRUN (Clinical Research Unit Nanoro) and ITM. It aims specifically to strengthen the research capacity in the resource limited setting of Burkina Faso. The program will expand and strengthen CRUN laboratory capacities towards biomedical and molecular studies, including parasite and bacterial genotyping and biomarker studies. Given the changing epidemiological context CRUN intends to extend its portfolio to diagnostics and epidemiology of invasive bacterial diseases and sexual and reproductive health (SRH). The collaboration with hospitals and public health institutes will be strengthened to build capacity for management of bacterial diseases and conduct interventions in the fields of antibiotic stewardship, infection control, clinical trials behavioural studies. In order to evaluate disease burdens and incidence for directing public health interventions, the Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) will be exploited to monitor the impact of malaria control measures, to address the etiological spectrum of non-malaria febrile illnesses and to study the socio-cultural factors of human health behaviour. Interventions can only be successful and sustainable when the human capital is strengthened. Therefore the program will focus on exchange between Burkinabese and ITM staff, provide trainings and support Phd and MSc candidates, taking into account the gender balance.
AcronymBURKINA - 2019 - FA4
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19