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The objectives of WANETAM remain relevant for WANETAM plus:
Capacity building and technology transfer to prepare West African institutions for the successful leadership and conduct of clinical trials.Creation of a network for regional scientific collaborations.
In the “WANETAM plus” project we propose to strengthen the existing WANETAM network with new network initiatives on HIV, TB, and malaria recently developed in the region. This will result in the addition of new partners to WANETAM, as well as in the access to new short-term trainings and to Masters in Public Health for all institutions involved in the WANETAM plus network. While the focus in WANETAM is on the upgrading of site infrastructure and trainings, the WANETAM plus will extend the training focus and will strengthen the South-South links with the aim of promoting a locally-relevant research agenda initiated and driven by the West African partners. This should lead to the formulation and the successful submission to funding agencies of multi-centre proposals driven by partners in the region, with support from within and outside the region.

The additional activities in WANETAM plus include:
Establishment of links with the newly formed BE-supported TB network and the West African Platform for HIV Intervention ResearchInvolvement of new partners for TB and malariaA practical GCP course co-developed by Dr. Halidou Tinto at the Clinical Research Unit Malaria in Nanoro (Burkina Faso) and Prof. Umberto d‟Alessandro, with the support of the Clinical Trials Unit (Raffaella Ravinetto) at ITM A course in biomedical engineering at the MRC GambiaA course in laboratory management at the MRC GambiaEnglish language training at the MRC GambiaFour Masters/ short course equivalents at the ITM in AntwerpHands-on TB training on second line drug resistance testing in AntwerpHands-on training on P. falciparum genotyping related to clinical trials in Antwerp in year 1, followed by transfer of this training to The GambiaTwo scholarships per year for WANETAM plus members to attend the annual Diplome Universitaire laboratory science course organized by Prof. Mboup in DakarA network meeting with workshop on “clinical research in Africa with specific attention to ethical issues”Strengthening of the WANETAM website.

Effective start/end date27/10/1131/08/14


  • The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership : €145,573.00


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