Trend of fluoroquinolone resistance among the MDR in DF Bangladesh

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Overall objective and research questions
1. Check whether the proportion of high-level resistance among FQ resistant MDR cases has really increased over the years, and investigate the causes as far as possible:
- Misclassification: not new but previously 2nd-line treated cases
- More import cases from outside the project area in recent years
- Changes in FQ preference of other practitioners in the area, for TB patients and/or other conditions

2. Check the correlation of high-level FQ resistance with MUT3 (except 3A) and other high-level mutations identifiable on Hain MTBDRsl vs2. If other rapid tests offering more advantages such as decentralized use have become available, they
will be tested on the same samples as Hain.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18


  • Damien Foundation Belgium: €57,891.00


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