Viability & Value of the Lung Flute ECO for Sputum Sample Collection and Tuberculosis Testing in Vulnerable Groups

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We aim to trial and test a simple and inexpensive paper version of the Lung Flute to enable sputum sample expectoration for tuberculosis (TB) testing. The Lung Flute has potential value as a universal point of care sputum induction method to increase the volume and quality of TB testing in children, elderly, PLHIV, women, hospitalized patients and those with asymptomatic disease who are more likely to be missed due to paucibacillary disease and expectoration failure.5.
The Lung Flute® is a simple acoustic device. A five minute breathing exercise permitted specimen expectoration in 88% of elderly adults unable to expectorate independently.2 Sakashita et al demonstrated a 25% increase in smear positivity of samples obtained via Lung Flute.1 Specimens have similar cellular and biochemical characteristics to those extracted via more invasive and costly procedures.3,4

The Lung Flute ECO, which is made from paper, has been re-designed to address WHO concerns.1 Initial testing showed similar performance with lower cost and environmental impact. We will evaluate Lung Flute ECO performance vs. the Lung Flute® and standard of care (SoC) in target groups in Cameroon to determine its potential contribution to volume of molecular testing, diagnostic yield, as well as safety, acceptability, and cost effectiveness.
Acronym3V Trial
Effective start/end date27/08/2130/09/23


  • Global Health Innovative Technology Fund: €113,765.00