Comparaison de deux milieux de culture pour l'isolement de mycobactéries tuberculeuses

P Pauwels, MB Kalonga, SK Sykalon, JC Willame, G Carpels

Research output: Contribution to journalA1: Web of Science-articlepeer-review


'Comparison of 2 culture media for the isolation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis': In Kinshasa, Zaire, 392 positive cultures were used to compare the isolation of mycobacteria on two different culture media (Lowenstein-Jensen and Ogawa (1%) with egg yolk). Although the Ogawa medium is reknown for being well adapted to the growth of atypical mycobacteria, we did not isolate more atypical mycobacteria from the tuberculous population of Kinshasa on Ogawa than were isolated in the previous years on Lowenstein-Jensen. However, significantly more M. tuberculosis were isolated on Ogawa (95% versus 88.4% on Lowenstein-Jensen). Other factors permitting, the use of the Ogawa medium is recommended
Original languageFrench
JournalAnnales de la Société Belge de Médecine Tropicale
Pages (from-to)237-241
Publication statusPublished - 1990


  • B780-tropical-medicine
  • Bacterial diseases
  • Tuberculosis
  • Bacteriology
  • Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  • Culture
  • Congo-Kinshasa
  • Africa-Central

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