Has data quality of an antimicrobial resistance surveillance system in a province of Nepal improved between 2019 and 2022?

Sweety Upadhaya, Jyoti Acharya, Maria Zolfo, Divya Nair, Mahesh Kharel, Anjana Shrestha, Basudha Shrestha, Surendra Kumar Madhup, Bijendra Raj Raghubanshi, Hari Prasad Kattel, Piyush Rajbhandari, Parmananda Bhandari, Subhash Thakur, Gyani Singh, Lilee Shrestha, Runa Jha

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An operational research study was conducted in 2019 to assess the quality of data submitted by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) surveillance sites in the Bagmati Province of Nepal to the National Public Health Laboratory for Global Antimicrobial Resistance and Use Surveillance System (GLASS). Measures were implemented to enhance the quality of AMR surveillance by strengthening capacity, improving infrastructure, implementing data sharing guidelines, and supervision. The current study examined reports submitted by surveillance sites in the same province in 2022 to assess whether the data quality had improved since 2019. The availability of infrastructure at the sites was assessed. Of the nine surveillance sites in the province, seven submitted reports in 2022 versus five in 2019. Completeness in reporting improved significantly from 19% in 2019 to 100% in 2022 (p < 0.001). Timely reports were received from two sites in 2019 and only one site in 2022. Specimen-pathogen consistency in accordance with the GLASS guidelines for urine, feces, and genital swab specimens improved, with ≥90% consistency at all sites. Overall, the pathogen-antibacterial consistency improved significantly for each GLASS priority pathogen. The study highlights the importance of dedicated infrastructure and institutional arrangements for AMR surveillance. Similar assessments covering all provinces of the country can provide a more complete country-wide picture.

Original languageEnglish
Article number399
JournalTropical Medicine and Infectious Disease
Issue number8
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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