High T-cell immune activation and immune exhaustion among individuals with suboptimal CD4 recovery after 4 years of antiretroviral therapy in an African cohort

D Nakanjako, I Ssewanyana, H Mayanja-Kizza, A Kiragga, R Colebunders, YC Manabe, R Nabatanzi, MR Kamya, H Cao

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    BACKGROUND: Antiretroviral therapy (ART) partially corrects immune dysfunction associated with HIV infection. The levels of T-cell immune activation and exhaustion after long-term, suppressive ART and their correlation with CD4 T-cell count reconstitution among ART-treated patients in African cohorts have not been extensively evaluated. METHODS: T-cell activation (CD38+HLA-DR+) and immune exhaustion (PD-1+) were measured in a prospective cohort of patients initiated on ART; 128 patient samples were evaluated and subcategorized by CD4 reconstitution after long-term suppressive treatment: Suboptimal [median CD4 count increase 129 (-43-199) cells/mul], N=34 ], optimal [282 (200-415) cells/mul, N=64] and super-optimal [528 (416-878) cells/mul, N=30]. RESULTS: Both CD4+ and CD8 T-cell activation was significantly higher among suboptimal CD4 T-cell responders compared to super-optimal responders. In a multivariate model, CD4+CD38+HLADR+ T-cells were associated with suboptimal CD4 reconstitution [AOR, 5.7 (95% CI, 1.4-23, P=0.014)]. T-cell exhaustion (CD4+PD1+ and CD8+PD1+) was higher among suboptimal relative to optimal (P<0.001) and super-optimal responders (P<0.001). T-cell exhaustion was significantly associated with suboptimal responders [AOR, 1.5 (95%CI, 1.1-2.1), P=0.022]. CONCLUSION: T-cell activation and exhaustion persist among HIV-infected patients despite long-term, sustained HIV-RNA viral suppression. These immune abnormalities were associated with suboptimal CD4 reconstitution and their regulation may modify immune recovery among suboptimal responders to ART.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalBMC Infectious Diseases
    Pages (from-to)43
    Number of pages9
    Publication statusPublished - 2011


    • B780-tropical-medicine
    • Viral diseases
    • HIV
    • AIDS
    • HAART
    • Antiretrovirals
    • T-cells
    • CD4 lymphocyte count
    • Immune activation
    • CD38
    • HLA
    • Viral suppression
    • Adults
    • Uganda
    • Africa-East

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