Operational characteristics of an antibody detecting point of care test for Taenia solium infections in a community and hospital setting

Chishimba Mubanga, Kabemba E. Mwape, Isaac K. Phiri, Chiara Trevisan, Mwemezi Kabululu, Gideon Zulu, Inge Van Damme, Veronika Schmidt, Pierre Dorny, Sarah Gabriel

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    Background: Diagnostic test evaluation includes measures of performance and assessment of operational characteristics. The latter focuses on end-user understanding of instructions to perform the test, ease of use, test turnaround time and ease of result interpretation. This study aimed to assess user comprehension of training for and ease of use of a Taenia solium point of care test (TS POC) evaluated in a community and hospital setting in Zambia and Tanzania, respectively.

    Methods: The TS POC is a three-step in-house-produced rapid diagnostic test (RDT) for the simultaneous detection of taeniosis (TST) and cysticercosis (TSCC) antibodies. Data collected by administering questionnaires to 29 end-users and from the main evaluation database was analyzed quantitatively.

    Results: End-users (28/29, 97%) perceived that the training they received for performing the test was sufficient. They performed 4080 tests, of which 80 were invalid. The community-based study and TST tests had higher invalid rates. The overall result interpretation was within the acceptable range of RDTs with an overall disagreement between readers of 3.3%. The Kappa coefficient of agreement was 85 and 82% for TSCC and TST, respectively. There was more disagreement among readers in the community-based study.

    Conclusion: End-users rated the TS POC kit moderate in terms of ease of use citing long test turnaround time and difficulties in using the blood transfer device. Overall, the operational performance of the TS POC kit and end-users was within the established acceptable performance range.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number607
    JournalBMC Infectious Diseases
    Issue number1
    Number of pages9
    Publication statusPublished - 2021


    • Adult
    • Animals
    • Antibodies, Helminth/blood
    • Community Health Services
    • Cysticercosis/diagnosis
    • Female
    • Hospitals
    • Humans
    • Male
    • Middle Aged
    • Point-of-Care Testing
    • Taenia solium
    • Taeniasis/diagnosis
    • Tanzania
    • Young Adult
    • Zambia


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