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Persoonlijk profiel


DENGUE control:

  •  DENCO, project with several European, South-East Asian and Latin-American partners, financed by the European Union, November 2005-October 2009 (contract INCO-517708)

    • Part project I was involved in: Evaluation of the effectiveness, acceptance of distribution, long-term use and cost-effectiveness of curtains and water container covers treated with a long-lasting insecticide for the control of dengue. Cluster randomized trials took place in Thailand and Venezuela.

  •  DGD-ITM Framework agreement, part institutional collaboration with Institute of Tropical Medicine, Pedro Kouri, Havana, Cuba, part dengue (2003-today)

    Research projects where I was/I am involved in:

  1. Evaluation of the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of a participatory approach of environmental management to prevent and control dengue. Quasi-experimental studies and a cluster randomized controlled trial were set up in various locations in Cuba and followed up over two to five years. (Completed)

  2. Evaluation of the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and acceptance of curtains treated with a long-lasting insecticide or indoor residual insecticide spraying in comparison with routine interventions to control dengue. Cluster randomized controlled trial was set up in Guantanamo (curtains only) and a three-arm trial in Santiago, follow up over 2 years period. (completed)

  3. Identification of dengue transmission hot-spots and evaluation of the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an implementation strategy that targets dengue transmission hot-spots,  study identified and set up by the network 'DENTARGET' with researchers from Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Cuba (ongoing).

  •  DGD-ITM Framework agreement, part institutional collaboration with Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale (INRB), Democratic Republic of Congo:

  1. Epidemiological study: The public health importance of dengue and chikungunya transmission in Kinshasa, 2014-2016

  2. Entomological study: Surveillance of Aedes mosquitoes in 4 urban communes of Kinshasa (DRC), 2018
  •   DGD-ITM Framework agreement, part institutional collaboration with B.P. Koirala Institute for Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Dharan, Nepal: Evaluation sentinel surveillance system for dengue in Eastern-Nepal, 2014-2016

  •  Co-organisation of international research network on innovative strategies for dengue prevention and control (DENTARGET), since 2013 until today: The network was set up with the objective to design and evaluate new effective and cost-effective dengue control strategies. This multidisciplinary research network brings together policy makers and academics with extensive experience in dengue from several Latin American countries (FIOCRUZ and national control programme Brazil; CIDEIM and University CES Colombia; Institute of tropical medicine (IPK) Cuba; University Merida (UADY) Mexico) and ITM, Blegium.

 LEISHMANIA control:

  • KALANET, project with several European partners and with India & Nepal, financed by the European Union,  September 2005-August 2009 (contract INCO-CT 2005-015374)

    Part project I was involved in: Evaluation of the effectiveness and acceptance of bed nets treated with long-lasting insecticide to control Leishmania infection. The cluster randomized controlled trial took place in Nepalese and Indian districts endemic for leishmaniasis.


1. Intitute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), ANTWERP, BELGIUM: Master of Public Health (MPH), orientations ‘Disease Control’ and  ‘Health systems management and policy’  (English and French as teaching languages)

  • Student guidance for master thesis: since academic year 2003-04 until today (1 à 2 students/year)

  • Theory and exercises basic epidemiology and statistics: since academic year 2004-05 until today (40 hrs/ year)

  • Epi-Info and data analysis: student guidance; since academic year 2012-13 until today (20 hrs/year)

  • Theory and exercises Quantitative researchmethods; since academic year 2006-07 until today (20 hrs/year)

  • Leishmania control: academic year 2004-05 until 2007-08 (5 hrs/year)

  • Community participation in dengue control: since academic year 2005-06 until 2014-15 (3 hrs/year)

  • Student guidance health problem analysis (vertical analysis) related to dengue: since academic year 2007-08 until today (6 hrs/year)

  • Fileholder CC4 'Formulation of Health programme' (3 weeks/year), 2018-
  • Member MPH steering committee: 2010 until today

 2. ITM, ANTWERP, BELGIUM: Postgraduate course ‘Tropical Medicine and International Health’ (English and French as teaching languages)

  • Student guidance health problem analysis (vertical analysis) related to dengue: since academic year 2005-06 until today (6 hrs/year)
  • Emergency-module: in academic year 2004-05 (10 hrs)

  • Community participation in vector-borne diseases: since academic year 2006-07 until today (4 hrs/year)
  • Dengue: Epidemiology and control programmes: since academic year 2016-17 until today (4 hrs/year)


3. FACULTY OF BIOSCIENCE ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY  OF GHENT, BELGIUM : Master of Science nutrition and rural development

  • PUBLIC HEALTH and HEALTHSYSTEMS (part of module ‘nutrition interventions’): since academic year 2006-07 until today (24 hrs/ year)



  • LIVERPOOL, UK: Risk and epidemiological measurements: 2006 (4 hrs)

  • ANTWERP : Groupwork guidance ‘design of an epidemiological study’: 2010 (6 hrs)



  • CHALLENGES IN THE IMPLEMENTATION AND SCALING UP OF COMMUNITY BASED AEDES CONTROL STRATEGIES (theoretical and practical sessions): august 2007,  2009,  2011,  2013, 2015 and 2017  (about 10 hrs/course)


6. DENGUE FEVER TRAINING, United Nations Support Office for African Union Mission Somalia, Nairobi, KENYA

  • General Dengue epidemiology, burden of disease, transmission, its vector and prevention methods; surveillance and outbreak preparedness; 6-9 May 2014; 19-22 January 2016 


  • Member of the General Council ITM as representative of 'Assisting scientific and medical personel' (AAP-WP-MP) 2018-today
  • Member of the Academic Council ITM, 2018-today
  • Member of Academic commission on Research, ITM, 2012-16

  • Member of Academic commission on development cooperation, ITM, 2017-today
  • Member of Departmental Council (Public Health department) as representative for post-doc assistants, since October 2013 until today

  • Doctors without Borders (MSF): Member Board of directors, 2004-2007

  • Advice to the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) on dengue vaccine files, 2013-2014; 2015; 2016
  • Mission European Medical Corpse, May 2016, Yellow Fever Outbreak Angola
  • Member of steering committee ITM Outbreak research Team, 2018-today

Opleiding/academische kwalificatie

Doctor in Medische wetenschappen, Doctor, Ghent University

… → 2011

Master of Science in Disease Control, Master of Science, Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde


Tropische Geneeskunde, Cursus Diploma, Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde


Geneeskunde, Dokter in de Genees-, heel- en verloskunde, Ghent University


Externe posities

Tchad, Country/Medical coordinator, MSF Belgium


Nicaragua, project coordinator, MSF Belgium


Angola, clinicial/hospital management, MSF The Netherlands


Mozambique, clinician/preventive medicine, MSF Belgium



  • B680-volksgezondheid
  • B680-epidemiologie
  • evaluation of disease prevention methods
  • B780-tropische-geneeskunde
  • dengue
  • arboviroses
  • B720-medische-opleiding
  • Master in Public Health


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