An investigation of blackflies (Diptera: Simuliidae) and their pathogens in districts of northern Uganda affected by nodding syndrome

  • Hendy, Adam, (Doctoraatstudent)
  • Madder, Maxime, (Promotor)
  • Colebunders, Bob (Promotor)



    1. To compare the efficacy of Esperanza Window Traps with Human Landing Collections to determine their potential as an alternative tool for the collection of human host-seeking blackflies in northern Uganda.
    2. To investigate spatial relationships between blackfly spp. and nodding syndrome (NS) cases in NS-affected and surrounding (unaffected) districts in northern Uganda.
    4. To investigate the occurrence of human-biting Simulium bovis and determine its role as a vector of Onchocerca spp. in NS-affected and surrounding districts.
    3. To investigate the presence and distribution of Onchocerca spp. and other possible blackflyborne pathogens in NS-affected and surrounding districts.
    Effectieve start/einddatum7/10/156/02/18


    • B780-tropische-geneeskunde